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For security purposes, EarthLink recommends using secure passwords for your email accounts consisting of a combination of at least 8 characters, upper and lower case letters, and numbers. As a user, you should never share your password with anyone, including your friends, co-workers, or even our Customer Support agents.  Never let others use your account, even if you log them in.
Email Customers Set Up After 07/28
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Email Client Configuration

Pop Email Setup Instructions
Hosted Exchange Setup Instructions

POP3 Email Policies

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Email Us
Service: 1.800.239.3000
Sales: 1.877.239.1200

POP3 Email use policy

Exchange Email use policy
DNS and Mail Settings:

MX record, Incoming and Outgoing server -

MX Records (Priority 10) (Priority 20)
CNAME record
autodiscover -

POP/Exchange Combination
MX Records -
CNAME record - autodiscover to

Client Setup
Configure Outlook 2007 with Exchange 2010 Hosting
Configure Outlook 2010 with Exchange 2010 Hosting
Configure Entourage 2004 with Exchange 2007 Hosting

Email Client Configuration and Mobile Configuration
Account or Login Name: email address (
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):
Incoming Mail Server (POP3):
Non-Deltacom hosted - Domain MX record:
Deltacom hosted Domain  
Our email requires outbound/SMTP authentication and we use the default ports for incoming and outgoing mail (110 for inbound, 25 for outbound).

Email Client Setup

Pop Email Setup Instructions

General Information on POP/SMTP
POP/SMTP and MS Exchange
POP/SMTP and Outlook Express
POP/SMTP and Windows Mail
POP/SMTP and Live Mail
POP/SMTP and Mac Computers
Mac OS Setup Process
POP/SMTP and Office suite (Office 2011) for Mac

General Information on POP/SMTP

To configure your POP (Post Office Protocol) compliant email software to retrieve email from your Welcome to Deltacom Webmail account, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the set up section of your email software.
  2. Set the protocol (or mail server type) to POP.
  3. Change the Incoming Mail (POP) information to:
  4. Change your POP User Name or Account to your new User Name, including the domain name, using the following format:
  5. login name@domain name, e.g.,

  6. Change your "Reply To" address to your new Welcome to Deltacom Webmail address (for example, ).
  7. For your Outgoing Mail (SMTP) information, you may use our SMTP server address,, or your ISP's Outgoing Mail server address, which you must obtain from your ISP. Note: If using our SMTP server, you must use secure authenticated SMTP.
  8. You may have the option of leaving a copy of your mail on our mail server. Please note, if you select this option and POP your mail, we can not warn you if you exceed your storage quota. Accounts which surpass storage quota will not be eligible to receive incoming mail. Welcome to Deltacom Webmail suggests deleting mail stored at your Welcome to Deltacom Webmail account on a routine basis.
  • All of your outgoing (sent) email will now contain your new Welcome to Deltacom Webmail address in the "Reply To" line of the header. All "replies" to your email will now be sent to your Welcome to Deltacom Webmail email address.
  • Note: Your password for POP mail is the same as your Welcome to Deltacom Webmail password.
    POP3 Email Policies

    How many recipients may I send to in 1 email message?
    To reduce the possibility of your messages being marked as spam, we limit the number of recipients to 1000 per message.

    What is the maximum message size?
    The maximum message size is 50MB.

    What is the storage size of my mailbox?
    Storage is limited to 250MB per mailbox. There is no option to increase this but customers can elect to move to the Exchange email product which has unlimited storage space.


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