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Customer Service Center

As we transition to our new website, we want to ensure our customers can readily access customer support if the need arises.

Contact Information
Deltacom Customer Care:

Billing inquiries: 7 am - 5 pm CT
Order status: 7 am - 5 pm CT
Service advantage and agent support: 7 am - 5 pm CT
Trouble management: 24x7

Click here for the Customer Care escalation list.

Payment Remittance
Click here to download our automatic draft agreement or remit payments to one of the addresses below. Please include the payment stub from your invoice with your payments.

Payment Via Regular Mail
Deltacom ID 1058
P.O. Box 2252
Birmingham, AL 35246-1058

Payment Via Overnight Mail
ATTN: Deltacom Retail Lockbox #1058
Regions Bank
2090 Parkway Office Circle
Birmingham, Alabama 35244

Payment Via EPAY

Daylight Savings Systems Configurations

Change PBX System Clock by CAT or MOC Mode Click Here
Daylight Savings Time - IPK & SV8100 Click Here
Setting System Clock by Station Dialing Click Here
Procedure for Changing the Time and Date on the EPRO II Click Here

Voicemail Access Numbers
If you do not have your voicemail access number, please refer to your Account Information Packet, which should have received in the mail upon completion of your service installation. If you do not have your Account Information Packet please call Customer Care at 1.800.239.3000. Please have your 8-digit account number available.

Click on the icon to view the document.

CallSaver Basic   Click Here
CallSaver 1 – C   Click Here
CallSaver 1 – L   Click Here
CallSaver 2 – C   Click Here
CallSaver 2 – L   Click Here
CallSaver 3 – C   Click Here
CallSaver 3 – L   Click Here
CallSaver Extension – C   Click Here
CallSaver Extension – L   Click Here
CallSaver Auto-Attendant   Click Here
CallSaver Family   Click Here
CallSaver Pager   Click Here
Install Adobe Acrobat Reader >>

Security Solutions
Click on the icon to view the document.
IP VPN Web-based Management Instructions
  Click Here
IP VPN Service Level Agreement   Click Here
IP Request Justification    
BGP Request Justification    
Deltacom Extranet Client Download (for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP only)
Deltacom Extranet Client Download (for Windows Vista only)    
Deltacom NVC 32 (for Windows 7 only)
Deltacom NVC 64 (for Windows 7 only)    

For additional product userguides and FAQs, please visit the Deltaview customer portal site.

If you would like more information on our products and services, please visit our new website at

Email Us
Service: 1.800.239.3000
Sales: 1.877.239.1200

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